Aetna Health Insurance Seniors – All You Need To Know

Aetna, the well-known health care organization of America and member of “Fortune 100” sells health care policies, traditional and associated services including pharmaceutical, long-term care, disability, medical and dental plans. In other words, health insurance can be defined as coverage in opposition to the dangers involved in medical expenditure amongst individuals. It is estimated via considering the overall risk factors associated with health care and its expenditure amongst a niche group, say, aetna health insurance seniors. In fact, this matter has gained enough recognition in America only after the plan was thought of by the President Barrack Obama to secure all the citizens with universal health insurance policies.

About aetna health insurance seniors:

Aetna Health Insurance Seniors – All You Need To Know

Senior citizens undoubtedly require more health care compared to the other ages owing to their progressing age making them prone to disability and disease. This is the reason for the American President to come forward and take this initiative to secure the senior citizens with maximum health insurance coverage. The aetna health insurance plans for seniors provides both primary coverage i.e. the Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplemental Plans along with the Prescription Drug Coverage which are discussed henceforth.

Types of aetna health insurance seniors:

Here are different forms of the aetna health insurance seniors:

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans

Aetna Health Insurance Seniors – All You Need To Know

There are different types of coverage under this – some aetna medicare health insurance seniors provides services equivalent to the Original Medicare including the Hospital Insurance and Medical Insurance which are categorized under Part A and Part B respectively. Some other plans of aetna medicare health insurance seniors under Part C is the blend of Part A, Part B and Part D often which denotes the Prescription Drug Coverage. Some other plans do cover additional benefits under Part C such as wellness, dental, hearing and vision.

Eligibility Criteria:

The person

  • should be 65 years or more
  • is under 65 but suffering from certain disabilities and
  • has ESRD: End-stage renal disease, permanent kidney damage and is treated with transplant or dialysis or has ALS which signifies the disease of Lou Gehrig irrespective of his/her age

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna Health Insurance Seniors – All You Need To Know

Also known as the Medigap, the aetna supplemental insurance policies seniors cover up some expenditure of the health care that are not covered under the Original Medicare. The sum assured has the liberty to go to any hospital or doctor accepting Medicare via selecting the Medicare Supplement Coverage. It doesn’t cover the Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage).

The aetna supplemental insurance policies seniors fits into your requirements well. Here are some of the plans under this coverage plan:

Aetna Fixed Benefits Plan: It pays for the amount of fixed dollars for inpatient as well as outpatient services.

Aetna Hospital Plan: The sum assured directly gets an amount of lump sum dollars when admitted in the hospital.

Aetna Accident Plan: It covers the lump sum advantages to the sum assured for the accidents covered under the policy.

Life and Disability: This aetna health plans seniors covers the income of sum assured and financial future of his/her family.

Aetna Critical Illness Plan: It pays huge benefits directly to the sum assured the moment when a covered sickness is being diagnosed.

Dental and Vision Plan: This aetna health insurance plans for seniors helps the sum assured to pay for the eye as well as dental expenses of his/her family.

Aetna Prescription Drug Plan

Aetna Health Insurance Seniors – All You Need To Know

Part D i.e. the aetna prescription drug plan is being designed keeping the patient’s needs in mind. They are associated with wide chain of pharmacies you can utilize to acquire the prescription drugs. The aetna prescription drug plan provides preferred pharmacies within the network wherein they can save more amount of money. The sum assured also can add his/her Part D plan with:

  • Original Medicare [Part A + Part B]
  • Medigap
  • MSA [Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans]
  • Few Medicare cost expenditure and
  • PFFS [Private Fee-for-Service Plans]

Benefits of aetna health plans seniors:

Aetna Health Insurance Seniors – All You Need To Know

The advantages of aetna health insurance seniors include the following:

  • Online resources availability to assist the senior citizens keep a proper track of their health history, health care plan, research the conditions as well as the expenditure to be spent for complete care
  • Offers a wide range of wellness services such as gym memberships, chiropractic, weight loss programs, eyewear, acupuncture and lots more
  • Personalized programs of disease and wellness management
  • Wide range of diverse health care service providers and amenities providing particular clinical services

Terms & Conditions:

Aetna Health Insurance Seniors – All You Need To Know

Well there are certain terms and conditions under the Aetna Medicare Open Plan. Under this aetna health insurance seniors, the sum assured must follow some parameters:

  • Payments to the providers
  • Requirements and qualifications of the providers
  • Filing a payment claim
  • Maintaining the medical records properly and allowing the audits
  • Seeking advance determination of the coverage
  • Dispute resolution procedure pertaining to the payment
  • Appeals as well as grievances of the provider and member
  • Providing members the notice of their appealing rights

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