Choose the Cigna for seniors health plans that meet your requirements

Cigna is a USA based health service organization providing Cigna health plans including medical, health, dental, disability, life and accident insurance coverage mainly to the people of the United States and also to selected international markets. Being a leading global health benefit providing organization it provides many Cigna for seniors health plans to the Americans who have reached advanced age. Other than covering from the head to the toe, Cigna also offer services to the senior citizens for finding doctors and medical office locations besides holding health education classes as part of the Cigna senior health plans.

Choose the Cigna for seniors health plans that meet your requirements

Some Cigna for seniors health plans at a glance

Other than offering insurance plans to the early retirees, the followings are the Cigna health plans for seniors

  1. Cigna Health Spring Medicare advantage

This offers similar coverage as given by Medicare Part A and Part B and further provides additional coverage for routine physical and wellness programs. This is a Medicare Advantage type plan and is available with or without prescription drug coverage and is available in some states.

  1. Cigna Health Spring Rx (PDP)

This belongs to Medicare Part D prescription drug plans type and is available across the country. This provides supplemental coverage and reduces risk with flexible plan arrangement including lean, standard and rich formula options.

  1. Cigna Medicare Surround

This plan is equivalent to Medigap that is supplemental to Medicare Part A and Part B plans and offers enough flexibility with lean to rich coverage with full range of funding options.

  1. Cigna Medicare Expand

Under this plan Cigna coordinates with coverage with Medicare Part A and Part B plan and have active medical plans with full range of funding options.

  1. Cigna Senior Support Services

Under this plan the seniors can avail drug subsidy and get coverage support as well. The support services include guidance for facilitating application process, eligibility submissions and cost reports etc.

Cigna health education for seniors

Cigna offers a wide range of service for supporting the senior citizens so that they can lead a healthy life style. The following Cigna for seniors health plans help to achieve that.

  1. Chronic disease management program: Developed by the Stanford University this is helpful for many chronic conditions including management of frustration, pain and isolation. This program is offered free for the Cigna Medicare members and others are charged based on their health plan coverage.
  2. COPD management: Chronic lung diseases are caused due to a set of conditions. Cigna offers a guide book to keep the senior citizens informed of the conditions so that they can live a better life. The guide includes medications required, importance of right diet and the symptoms requiring prompt medical attention.
  3. Fall prevention program: Almost one in every three senior falls and suffers injuries every year. Cigna offers free DVD that includes various ways that the seniors can follow for preventing falls.
  4. Dietary counseling: Seniors may contact the Cigna Health Education Team for meeting nutrition experts for having a customized dietary plan.
  5. Tai Chi Fitness plan: To stay healthy the seniors must do some exercises daily. Tai Chi includes low impact exercises that help to improve agility, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. This also helps to in reducing stress and risk of falling.
  6. Tobacco cessation: Quitting tobacco delivers immediate results. People interested to be out of tobacco addictions may consult doctor for help.
  7. Weight Management: Weight management is vital to lead a better quality of life. Get information about your nutrition requirements and be aware of the problem foods for fixing a good meal plan.

Other services offered

Besides offering Cigna for seniors health plans, Cigna Medical Group also offers various other services like finding your doctor to stay with the seniors all the way. You can visit their website and search for doctors by their last name, address, CMG health care center, specialty and language. One can also search medical office locations by address, specialty and distance. Other than these services Cigna also offers medical services including primary care, pediatrics and many other additional services besides offering urgent care services like broken bones, burn injuries, cuts and scrapes etc. so that you get more care with less waiting.

Why to choose Cigna?

When it comes to senior health insurance, Cigna for seniors health plans have no match. Cigna members can enjoy the unique facility accessing a large network of physicians for getting medical care without much loss of time. Cigna is one of the largest organizations and offers a wide range of home support and other guidance and assistance to the aged citizen.

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