The importance of life insurance for cancer survivors

Earlier a cancer patient used to face a lot of difficulties as there were no insurance plans available for them then. This was simply devastating as life insurance is very important for any person and proves to be a sound financial assistance to many people. But now there is much active life insurance for cancer survivors.

Why were the life insurance companies unable to insure cancer patients then?

The problem faced by various life insurance companies regarding cancer survivors then was the calculation for the assessment of the cancer survivor’s risk was very much inaccurate then. There were quite a number of variations from people to people as well as the absence of sufficient medical knowledge about cancer patients. So, it was very difficult to provide life insurance for cancer survivors then.

The importance of life insurance for cancer survivors

How has the advancement of science helped the companies to provide insurance to cancer patients?

There have been numerous medical breakthroughs relating to cancer. Along with this, over the years scientists have gathered more knowledge about cancer and how to minimize one’s risk of developing cancer. Doctors can now determine a likely age till when a patient suffering from cancer will survive. All these factors have helped insurance companies in providing life insurance for cancer survivors now. These companies now provide life insurance coverage to cancer patients who have survived for a particular number of years after they were diagnosed with the disease.

What is the finest time to buy a life insurance for cancer?

There is no particular time to obtain life insurance for cancer sufferers. While approaching an insurance company, the person will be asked about the nature as well as the size of the cancer tumor, the cancer stage as well as its location. After the treatment process ends, the insurance company examines the situation and then takes the final decision to provide a life insurance for cancer sufferers.

The importance of life insurance for cancer survivors

How are certain life insurance companies operating in regards to cancer patients?

There are numerous life insurance companies who work with a liberal approach. For instance, there are numerous companies who have begun offering life insurance for seniors with cancer at general rates for women over the age of 40 who are diagnosed with the disease of breast cancer without the availability of any waiting period like generally for five years. The normal lic policy for cancer patients standards is that the cancer has to be small and must be in stage one. Also, the doctors need to certify that the woman has a strong chance of survival. A person needs to have a full treatment.

There are even many such companies who offer life insurance for seniors with cancer who have survived a dangerous form of cancer like prostate cancer. However, for offering these standard rates people need to be above the age of 60 as well as have a Gleason score of about 6 and have a pre-treatment PSA of above 10. The doctors need to certify the cancer as prostate cancer. These are all needed for getting the standard rates of a lic policy for cancer patients offered by the insurance companies.

The importance of life insurance for cancer survivors

What a person can do by themselves to get the life insurance for cancer survivors?

People can help themselves by finding the right policy company who offer affordable rates to their clients. Going through an insurance broker will be very helpful in such cases as they know which company offers the best services and asks for an affordable rate. They can also help cancer survivors find the right insurance company for them. This will not only make the selection process easier, but people can actually compare the rates charged and services offered by different insurance companies to choose the best ones among the lot.

There are various things which a cancer survivor can do for lowering their premiums as well as make the process of getting the policy a simpler one. They can do regular checkups for getting a continuous certification that they have no more symptoms of the harmful disease. This will show them as pro-active as well as responsible.

There are various things which a person can do to improve themselves like quitting smoking, doing regular exercise programs as recommended by the doctor. A change of diet will also do much good as a healthy diet ensures the improvement of the body. Drinking habits should be reduced. All these will help in improvement of the body which in turn will assist in passing the life insurance company medical examination as well as the doctor testimonials for proving that there are signs of improvement and hence the person can become eligible for being a policy holder.

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