Medicare For All Pros and Cons

Replacing Original Medicare

This universal heath care program would be replacing almost all private and public health plan options. Rates for services, medications, and medical equipment would be determined by our government – not by private health insurance companies or employers.

When it comes to the topic of health care reform, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) is frequently front and center. Senator Sanders isn’t proposing Medicare for All, but rather a replacement to Original Medicare, our current program.  He is wanting to replace Original Medicare with a universal health care program.

This change wouldn’t impact Original Medicare significantly. However, it may eliminate the need for Medigap or Medicare Supplement plans. Under Sander’s program, health care providers and doctors may accept private insurance plans, but only when they didn’t join Medicare for All. Medigap companies would only be able to cover medical services that were not covered. That’s the opposite of how Medicare Supplements currently work. Right now a supplement plan pays for Medicare approved services.

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